On Blog Malaysia is a world away from Canada, Dorothy!

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As I sit here writing this article it's 8:30am and a sheen of sweat is already taking residence on my skin. Malaysia is a world away from Canada, Dorothy![MORE]

On Blog Being a Digital Nomad in Bali

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Tropical Paradise? Being a Digital Nomad in Bali. When it comes to living the dream, Bali, the tiny tropical island in Indonesia, seems to check a lot of boxes.[MORE]

On Blog Working as a digital nomad in Eastern Europe

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Travelling in Eastern European countries, particularly those in the Balkans, is a great budget alternative to experiencing Europe without the cost of Western Europe. [MORE]

On Blog Visiting Mauritius: Island Highlights

Located in the south of the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius doesn't just offer year-round sunshine, but so much more too. [MORE]

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"Do you ever wish you could win the lottery, chuck the rat race, and take off to explore the world? Heck-who hasn't? These days, however, there's a group of independent-minded, techno-savvy entrepreneurs who are turning that dream into a reality. They call themselves New Nomads, and they've transformed work-at-home into work-anywhere-you-damn-well-please." BusinessWeek.com

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